your family is our family

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14505 S Center Point Way Suite B #203, Bluffdale UT 84065  |  Tel: 801-471-9314

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"We liked that you said that this is your calling"

"You are easy to talk to, and we had a good time talking"

“You are really good at communicating”

"You were the only one I told that my daughter was on hospice because I felt comfortable talking to you"

"We chose you because we thought you would get along the best with our son"

"I chose you because you said you would love to work with me"

Adelfos means 'brother' in Greek, we want you to know that we look out for our clients in the same way a protective older brother or sister would. That's how your family is our family. We empower, and inspire with the end goal of helping each individual reach his or her own potential. 

We know that your family means the most to you. That's why we are commited to caring for them in a unique way.

We are here for you!

We serve clients all over Utah. Let us serve you too!